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Welcome to my recipe page. Here you will find some of my favorite recipes for plank and wrap cooking. All of these recipes were created by me to give you a great tasting meal and allow you to experience why plank and wrap cooking has become so popular. Interested in some of my other recipes click here and you will be taken to my main recipe page. Enjoy!

Elizabeth Karmel

Crusty Pork Tenderloin with Jezebel Sauce

The sweet and peppery rub is tailor-made for pork chops. The brown sugar in the rub creates a savory crust on the seared, Hickory planked chops. Remove the chops from the grill, leave on the plank and slather with the "hot and sticky" Jezebel Sauce while the chops are still hot-off-the-grill.

If you are from the South, you may recognize Jezebel Sauce as one of those sweet-hot condiments that are frequently slathered over cream cheese and eaten with Wheatsworth crackers. No one really knows where Jezebel sauce comes from, some say Tennessee, some say the Carolinas; regardless, it is perfect with both pork and cream cheese and crackers!

New York Strip Steak with Blue Cheese Pecan Butter

This is the best way to make a steak! It is seared over high heat to get those great caramelized grill marks and the smoked on a rich Pecan plank for added flavor and juiciness. Remove steaks on the plank and top with a generous slice of the Blue Cheese and Pecan Butter. Do this quickly after removing from the grill so it will soften and melt as the meat rests before serving.

A compound butter is a fancy term for butter that is softened, flavored with herbs and spices and re-formed into a stick or log shape. Restaurants often use a coin-shaped piece of these butters to garnish entrees to “finish” the dish and add a burst of flavor. The butter can be made up to 2 days in advance, and it turns an ordinary steak into an extra-ordinary one—amazing!!

BBQ Cedar Planked Salmon

A great recipe that offers a new twist on the traditional cedar planked salmon. Use your favorite BBQ Sauce our follow my recipe to make this great planked recipe. Wait until your family and friends see the BBQ Salmon come off the grill. Barbecuing fish something most people would never think of but I can assure you that you will never forget the great smokey flavor of this one.

Tequila Sunrise Chicken

This is my favorite marinade for chicken! The bright flavors of the fresh orange juice, onions, garlic, and tequila wake up boneless skinless chicken breasts that are seared before cooking on a Hickory plank.
Tuna Steaks with Cherry Horseradish Salsa

Wrapped in Cherry wood and seasoned lightly with olive oil, salt and pepper, this recipe is the best way to prepare pristine quality tuna. Be sure to cook it to a medium rare temperature to keep the fish juicy. The hot and sweet fresh Cherry-Horseradish Salsa compliments the "meaty" fish and makes this easy-to-prepare dish look and taste like a four-star meal.

Pesto Crusted Pork Tenderloin

Pork tenderloin gets a juicy makeover with a basil-rich pesto crust and a Hickory grilling wrap. Serve the flavorful pork in slices with a platter of grilled veggie antipasto for an easy Italian feast.

Steak Sandwich with Marinated Smoked Vegetables

This flavor-packed sandwich is a special treat and perfect for game days. Everything can be prepped in advance to be grilled and assembled during halftime for a winning sandwich night!
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