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Firehouse Planked Venison Steaks

Firehouse Planked Venison steaks

Serves 2

2 Venison Steaks, tenderloin or backstraps

1 Red Onion

1 Green bell pepper

2 Tbs Vegetable or Olive Oil

1 Pre-Soaked Untreated Cedar Plank

  • Soak cedar plank in cool tap water for 1 - 2 hours before start time.

  • Pre-heat the grill to medium heat (approximately 365 degrees).

  • Brush the steaks with vegetable or olive oil and season both sides to your liking. Slice the red onion and bell pepper.

  • Place the seasoned steak on the plank and adorn with onion and pepper.

  • Place the plank on grill and monitor it for about 30-40 minutes. Keep the grill top closed, this will trap the smoke and allow the heat to cook it on all sides. If flame flares on the grill or the wood extinguish with a handy spray bottle. Cook until desired doneness.

  • Serve

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