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Healthy Living

Healthy Living
Wood Plank Cooking

Wood plank cooking over open flames has been used for centuries to capture the essence of wood as a seasoning in fish, other meats, fruits and vegetables. The incredible flavors of wood, such as Western Red Cedar, Sugar Maple, Alder, Hickory, Mesquite and even Oak from old wine barrels are infused into your foods as you grill or bake.

Today, this cooking technique has become one of the hottest trends in gourmet cooking. Many of the nation's top retailers and restaurant chains now promote the healthy aspects of flavoring your favorite foods the natural way. No need to use sauces, butters, and marinades, try wood plank cooking for yourself and experience the extraordinary flavor of plank cooking.

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Discover this centuries old method of cooking and experience the extraordinary flavor of plank cooking.

Perfect for all Foods

Don't eat a lot of fish? No problem....

Plank cooking is perfect for all types of food from beef, pork, poultry, vegetables and even fruits. Create your own unique dining experiences by trying all of the wood types available in our products area.

A plank cooked meal is a wonderful treat that defies description; it must be experienced to be understood. Foods cooked on well-soaked planks are moist, tender, enhanced by the essence of wood. Experience what a sensational difference these products can make in the taste of your food.

Visit our recipe links below for great tasting, step-by-step instructions on cooking with planks.

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