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Restaurant Products
Restaurant & Institutional Products

Does your restaurant need planks?

Great Lakes Grilling is the #1 supplier to the restaurant and institutional markets. We have the manufacturing capacity to work with everyone from the largest chain to the single location restaurant. Both will receive superior customer service from our order and customer service departments.

We have ongoing relationships with all of the major food service distribution companies in the country, such as, Sysco, Edward Don, Wasserstrom, PFG, Gordon Foods and more... Or if you prefer, you may order directly from us as hundreds of other restaurants do. Either way we are happy to serve you.

Custom Logo Branding Available

Are you looking to have your restaurant logo branded into the planks? Not a problem...

Great Lakes Grilling has the right solution for you. Our in-house branding machines allow us to brand your logo on each and every order you place with us. There is a one-time set-up fee required to make your personalized branding plate. Once that is done you are ready to put your logo in front of every patron who dines in your establishment.

Great Lakes Grilling can produce just about any plank size or thickness you are looking for but remember, the thicker the plank the longer the cook time. With today's fast-paced society we always recommend a 1/4" - 5/16" thick plank for the fastest ticket times.

We understand in today's competitive market that food costs are very, very important, so we keep our product costs in line to help your establishment meet its margin goals.

Call today and ask for a quote on our standard (commonly requested) planks or, if your prefer, give us the dimension you are after and we will give you a price based on your estimated usage.

Weekly or monthly auto-ship programs are available. Never run out again and have to scramble to find planks.

If you are a chain or multi-unit restaurant or just a high-volume user of planks or wraps, contact our sales department for a quote, toll free 877-791-8600 or, via e-mail using the form below. Someone from our sale department will promptly get in touch with you.

No time to call or fill out forms? Drop us a quick e-mail at for your custom quote. Standard sizes are available in our online store.

Plank/Cooking Wrap Pricing Request Form

Fill in as much information on the form below as you can. We will respond to all requests within 24 hours.

Restaurant Name:
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Please list the specific plank size,
estimated usage, and if you
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